There is a time when you meet a guy that makes your heart beat faster and your palms sweat. You KNOW you can’t stop thinking about him, but how to make him think about you?

#Be yourself... If you want this guy to notice you for something, let that something be the real you, not someone made up. Guys aren't stupid; he will find out that you are faking it as soon as you get tired of pretending to be his dream girl. What will happen then? He might not like what he sees.

#Believe in yourself... Tell yourself: I can do it, I am good enough! Believe what you are saying, everyone is equal, you deserve the best. Are you too shy and don’t know how to “promote” yourself?

Here is a tip: We all have some good qualities, so, think about yours. Maybe you have a great smile? Use it to your advantage. Do you have a great sense of humour? Then use it! Guys appreciate humour as much as girls do! Try to make him laugh as much as you can, think the joke over before you say it though!

#Express yourself... Express yourself through your appearance. Always look your best when around him! Dressing well, smelling sweet and looking fresh does the trick. Have your own unique look, wear a little makeup, dress in your own style, express yourself through your appearance. Unique people seem to go by noticed, so therefore, if you express your individuality he is bound to think about you..

#Smile... Smiles should be sincere and not forced, guys can’t resist a sweet, warm smile, so use yours! Do not force it, let it come naturally. Whether you like your smile or not, it is a good way to catch someone’s eye. Give him your winning smile; he won’t be able to keep it off his mind.

#Analyse... Listen to him. If you remember details and names he mentions you will come off as a caring person. Notice things about him others don’t, he will start to wonder why you pay so much attention. Of course, be sure not to overdo this, you may come off as a ‘stalker’

#Play hard to get... Playing hard to get can be risky, never go overboard with this little trick. You don’t want to present yourself as too available; he will begin to miss your company. He may start to wonder why he misses your company, or why you can’t always hang out with him. If this trick is done correctly, you will surely be on his mind.

#Lips... Lick and bite your lips! While you are talking to the guy that you like, wet your lips with the tip of your tongue without sticking it out. Biting it from side to side may tempt him to kiss you! As per usual, be sure not to overdo this, he may think there is something wrong with you…

#Be mysterious... Don’t reveal too much information about yourself straight away… keep him guessing! Try to be mysterious; he will be dying to know more about you. A little trick you may find handy: Act like you are about to tell him something, but then ‘change your mind’ and don’t tell him. You will leave him wondering about what you where going to say.

#Don’t try too hard... Trying too hard may lead him to thinking you are easy. Take time to hang out with your friends and enjoy some alone-time. Don’t be clingy! If you’re not always with him, this will actually give him time to think about you.

Think about it, you don’t constantly think about your friend if they are right there next to you, do you? -If none of this works, don’t assume there’s something wrong with you!

Plenty of girls have been there loads of times and it’s almost never your fault! If a certain guy doesn't like you for you then he’s obviously not the right guy for you. He may just think of you as a close friend. Don’t stress over it.
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