The Ariens Compact 24 (also known as the ST24LE or sometimes just the 920014) is a two-stage snow blower offering - no surprise - 24 inch clearing width. What might surprise you - it did me - is how small some of the other specs are while producing serious durability and power.

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For instance, it weighs merely 178 lbs. That's far from featherweight but it is extraordinarily light to get a snow thrower that delivers this degree of clearing ability. It measures 51.9" long x 26.4" wide x 44.3" high).

One reason for this ability is the 3-blade serrated steel auger. Having a diameter of 11" it is not the greatest auger approximately . however, it is demanding. It's becoming more common to make use of plastic today.

Modern plastic augers are lightweight, letting them whirl fast while requiring less engine power. And, plastics these days are rather robust. Still, they get chewed up fairly quickly on gravel-load driveways or footpaths. This one may get a ding or two (that could be smoothed out if need be) but it'll never shatter.

Another reason for that high powered operation is the 208cc Briggs & Stratton engine on board. True, that is not the greatest accessible by any stretch. Yet it's the classic Briggs & Stratton quality and efficacy.

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